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Original songs


Myriam-Catharina is an independent artist hailing from North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Born with an innate passion for singing, Myriam-Catharina's musical journey began in her childhood. Since she was a little girl she has loved to sing.

Her original songs embody the diversity of genres from contemporary R&B and NeoSoul to traditional Jazz and Motown. 

The style has been influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse and Ella Fitzgerald featuring a touch of vintage blended with contemporary elements.

The singer-songwriter not only showcases her music through original songs but also possesses a deep love for jazz. With a penchant for interpreting jazz standards in her own unique style.

Stay tuned for updates. Follow her on social media to be the first to know about release dates, behind-the-scenes insights and exclusive previews of her upcoming music.​​

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Live performances


Transform your event into a sophisticated and melodious experience by booking  Myriam-Catharina.

Enhance the ambiance by opting for a performance with skilled instrumentalists.

Whether you're seeking timeless jazz standards, soulful blues, or upbeat swing numbers, she delivers a musical journey.

To secure Myriam-Catharina for your event, simply reach out through the provided contact form or email.



concert dates

12.01.2024  Jazz Konzert, K14 Oberhausen

23.02.2024 Scala Wesel Jazz

01.03.2024 Jazz in der Wegberger Mühle

11.04.2024 Wohnzimmer, Köln Ehrenfeld

16.04.2024  Dülmen Jazznight

16.05.2024 Unperfekthaus Essen

01.06.2024 Opening the Dada! Gelsenkirchen, Jazz

15.06.2024 Summer Jazz Mönchengladbach

23.06.2024 Jazz-Matinèe Schloss Hardenberg

20.07.2024 CSD Köln Alter Markt, RNB 

21.07.2024 Zeche Altstaden, Jazzconcert

27​.07.2024 Filmnächte Andernach, Rheinufer

remember the jazz standards and Soul music


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