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Original songs

Dive into a realm of soulful melodies and lyrics with my original compositions.



You can stream these  tracks and more on every major platform.



Myriam-Catharina is a German singer-songwriter hailing from North Rhine-Westphalia.

Born with an innate passion for singing, Myriam-Catharina's musical journey began in her childhood. Since she was a little girl she has loved to sing.

The singer-songwriter not only showcases her music through original songs but also possesses a deep love for jazz. With a penchant for interpreting jazz standards in her own unique style.

Her original songs embody the diversity of the Contemporary R&B, Soul, and Jazz genres. Her style has been influenced by artists like Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald.

She infuses her music with a refreshing blend of vintage charm and contemporary flair.

Stay tuned for updates. Follow her on social media to be the first to know about release dates, behind-the-scenes insights and exclusive previews of her upcoming music.

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Live performances


Transform your event into a sophisticated and melodious experience by booking  Myriam-Catharina.

Enhance the ambiance by opting for a duo performance with a skilled instrumentalist.

Whether you're seeking timeless jazz standards, soulful blues, or upbeat swing numbers, she delivers a musical journey.

To secure Myriam-Catharina for your event, simply reach out through the provided contact form or email.



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